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When is the Right Time to Buy Property in 2024?


Dubai’s real estate market has been increasing at an extraordinary rate despite worries concerning the global economy. In spite of the difficulties challenging the world, Dubai’s Property market is expected to develop by 5-7% in 2024, attracting financial supporters. This paper will cover the qualities of the Dubai housing market and the variables impacting the best chance to buy a home. Get some insights of the right time to buy property in 2024

An Outline Of Dubai’s Land Industry

Dubai’s housing market showed sensational development and demand last year, breaking every record. It is guessed that this propensity will go on in 2024, with specialists featuring the absence of a perfect month or season to purchase land. Given that demand continuously outpaces supply, Luke Remington, Managing Director of Haus & Haus, emphasises the significance of being prepared to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves.

Factors Driving Dubai’s Property Market In 2024

·        Interest Rates

The potential lowering of interest rates, influenced by FED cuts and the UAE Central Bank, could make property purchases more accessible. This means that financing a property becomes more affordable for potential buyers.

·        Infrastructure Developments

Ongoing projects like new metro lines hold the potential to increase property values in specific areas significantly. Improved infrastructure enhances the overall appeal of these areas, making them attractive for property investment.

·        Seasonality

The typical slow summer months might not apply in 2024 due to high demand. Buyers should act promptly to secure opportunities, as the market dynamics indicate a continuous demand throughout the year.

·        Expo City

Residential projects in Expo City, with existing infrastructure and sustainability features, present prime investment opportunities. The developed infrastructure and sustainable features make these projects appealing to potential investors.


·        Secondary Market Boom

Renovated properties in established communities like Arabian Ranches are attracting premium buyers, leading to a secondary market boom. This trend provides opportunities for homeowners to renovate and sell properties at higher prices.

·        Shift Beyond Central Areas

Higher-end developments in areas like Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) and Arjan cater to buyers seeking affordability with growth potential. This shift in focus opens up new investment possibilities in previously considered “affordable” areas.

Secondary Sales And Upward Trajectory Of Property Values

Secondary sales in Dubai’s real estate market, particularly in labelled “hotspot” areas, consistently outpace the available supply. Homeowners benefit from this dynamic by renovating and reselling properties at higher prices. The secondary market boom reflects the demand for upgraded and modernized homes, making it a suitable time for property owners to capitalize on the market’s momentum.

Rent Market Dynamics In 2024

The persistent imbalance between demand and supply continues to shape rent dynamics in 2024. Rents are projected to surge further, with expected increases of 10-20 per cent. This trend benefits landlords, with average returns projected to exceed an enticing 6.5 per cent. The competitive nature of the rental market underscores its lucrative potential, making it a favourable landscape for property investors.


Investor And Landlord Market

Industry experts emphasize that 2024 marks a distinct investor and landlord market. This shift prompts landlords to consider a move towards holiday/short-term leasing, offering increased flexibility in managing their properties. The market conditions favour those looking to invest, as the dynamics align with the interests of property owners and landlords seeking optimal returns.

Flexibility In Property Deals

For those with flexibility, the Dubai property market offers numerous opportunities for lucrative deals and good value. Emphasizing the importance of a competitive mindset and readiness to act quickly, this flexibility allows buyers to navigate the market with ease, securing favourable deals that align with their investment goals.

Off-Plan Projects In 2024

The momentum for off-plan projects in Dubai shows no signs of slowing down in 2024. Numerous developments are underway across the city, driven by residents settling for the long term and patiently waiting for their ideal homes in new communities. The demand for off-plan projects underscores the trust residents have in the future development of these communities. Making them an attractive prospect for potential property buyers.



In conclusion, a dynamic market driven by elements including growing trends, infrastructure advancements, and economic conditions makes 2024 a great year to purchase real estate in Dubai. To obtain the chances they want, buyers need to be well-informed, adaptable, and ready to move quickly.

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