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Villa Rents Will Be “Unchanged,” While Apartment Prices Will Increase, According To real estate market Expert


The real estate market indeed in the United Arab Emirates is showing indications of recovery among changing socio-economic trends, such as distant working and learning because of the pandemic. The industry dipped after a protracted decline in oil prices and worries over oversupply. Government programs and economic assistance policies have improved the mood, which has boosted trade and kept prices stable.

Resilience Of The Dubai Real Estate Market

The rising real estate market in Dubai has recovered; in April, sales transactions increased to a four-year high of Dh10.97 billion. Many reasons have contributed to this resurgence, such as people’s demand for remote work forcing them to look for larger living areas.

Furthermore, government programs like the extension of the 10-year golden visa program and permits for remote workers and expatriate retirees have bolstered market confidence.

Trends In Rentals And Supply Dynamics

The dynamics of supply and demand in Dubai have been crucial in maintaining property values. Price stability is partly due to the conspicuous lack of large-scale villa constructions and the scarcity of apartments. The average rental rate of an apartment increased somewhat, while the rate of a villa increased significantly, indicating a change in customer preferences toward larger spaces.

Dubai Villas

Overview Of The Real Estate Market In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi’s land industry has demonstrated toughness, with typical manor deal costs expanding somewhat each quarter. Nonetheless, the yearly unit sales price decreased a little but was constant. Completed villas were still in high demand, especially in established areas with few good options at competitive prices.

●  The average cost to rent a villa in Abu Dhabi did not rise in the first quarter of 2021. However, several communities—like West Yas, Golf Gardens, and Saadiyat Beach Villas—saw notable increases in rental rates.

●  In well-developed regions like Yas Island and Saadiyat Island, the rental demand for villas remained strong despite the arrival of additional units.

Dynamics Of Rentals And New Trends

Abu Dhabi’s rental market was stable, with average prices for renting villas staying constant. On the other hand, several localities saw notable rental rate rises, highlighting the need for high-quality lodging. Even with the arrival of new apartments, there was still a high demand for villa rentals, especially in well-known locations like Yas Island and Saadiyat Island.

Regional Differences In The Performance Of The Property Market

The performance of the real estate market differed between emirates. The prices of apartments sold in Sharjah increased somewhat, indicating the city’s tenacity in the face of financial difficulties. Ras Al Khaimah, on the other hand, observed no change in real estate prices, indicating steady market conditions.

●  The performance of the real estate market differed between emirates.

●  Ras Al Khaimah experienced no change in property prices during the first quarter, while Sharjah witnessed a 3% increase in apartment sales prices.

Dubai Apartments


Due to government initiatives, changing consumer tastes, and economic stimulus programs, the UAE property market is experiencing a renaissance. Although there are signs of recovery in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, regional differences highlight the many factors at work. Stakeholders in the real estate industry must adjust to shifting trends and grasp chances for expansion and investment as the market continues to change.

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