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UAE housing market – JLL predicts the construction of 42,000 new residential units by 2024, reshaping the skylines of Dubai and Abu Dhabi


The UAE housing market is supposed to go through a significant change by 2024. As per JLL, a global land administration business, 42,000 new private units will be underlying Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This gauge shows how the land business is proceeding to fill the two urban communities, with specific accentuation on Dubai, where 34,000 units are expected. We get into the specifics of this prognosis in this post. Looking at demand dynamics, present trends, and possible effects on the property market in these thriving UAE metropolises.

Dubai’s Rising Real Estate Market

In 2024, there is expected to be a massive expansion in the conveyance of private units in Dubai, a worldwide focus famous for its striking horizon and extravagant living regions. This energetic city is supposed to get 34,000 new private units, proceeding with the rising direction seen in 2023, as per JLL’s review. The research emphasises that completing 36,000 new homes, primarily apartments, was a significant milestone for Dubai in 2017. This increase helped to create a fantastic total stock of over 719,000 units, demonstrating Dubai’s dedication to satisfying the city’s constantly expanding population’s housing needs.


 The Housing Stock In Abu Dhabi Is Increasing

The UAE capital, Abu Dhabi, lags and needs to catch up in this real estate boom. In addition to the 5,000 residential units finished in 2023, the JLL research predicts that Abu Dhabi will get an additional 8,000 units in 2024. With the combined impact of this current construction, Abu Dhabi now has 284,000 completed dwelling units. This consistent growth results from the city’s commitment to providing for citizens’ housing needs and promoting a thriving real estate industry.

Abu Dhabi

Demand Patterns In Abu Dhabi And Dubai

Deliveries of residential units have increased significantly, consistent with the high demand in Dubai and Abu Dhabi the previous year. From January to November 2023, Dubai’s residential market saw an astounding 51% year-over-year gain in value and a 43% year-over-year increase in volume, according to JLL. The increase in demand highlights how appealing Dubai’s real estate options are, luring both domestic and foreign buyers looking for luxury homes.

 The Villa Market And Price Trends In Dubai

The research highlights the success of the villa market in Dubai as a critical element. Indeed, the average sale price of a property in Dubai increased yearly due to increased demand. When November 2023 rolled around, these prices rose to an extraordinary all-time high of 15% over the previous 2014 peak. The increase in villa values indicates a strong market with ongoing investor confidence and the house’s appeal.

 Outlook For 2024

The market analysis and future consequences for the real estate industry in the United Arab Emirates are noteworthy, particularly regarding the projected delivery of 42,000 residential units in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in 2024. The higher supply is anticipated to meet the rising demand for housing and further the cities’ goals to establish diversified and sustainable communities. Furthermore, the consistently increasing trend in property values, particularly in the villa sector, indicates a robust market with favourable investment returns. The growth of their housing stock is consistent with both cities’ aspirations to become premier destinations worldwide and to offer top-notch living environments.


The ability to produce 42,000 residential units in Dubai and Abu Dhabi by 2024 is a testament to the tenacity and vitality of UAE housing market. The market is expected to rise further because Dubai is setting the standard for unit deliveries and witnessing notable increases in demand and real estate prices. Abu Dhabi adds to the optimistic picture overall, albeit on a smaller scale. The upcoming years hold promise for a dynamic and changing housing market that meets the many demands of both residents and investors as both cities negotiate the opportunities and challenges in the real estate sector.

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