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UAE- A safe land for your great dreams!

why choose uae

The opportunity of settling down in the magnificent city of Dubai is certainly an exciting prospect for a lot of ex-pats. With the highest migration rate in the world, a ‘hot’ job market, high incomes and a high standard of living; these all have become the defining elements of one of the UAE’s emerging economies

The land of dreams is what many call the UAE. For some, those dreams come true, for others they don’t. For many others, the country gives them a reason to believe and hope.

So why is it that people want to come here? Young, old, poor and rich. It doesn’t matter what religion or nationality, expatriates are pouring in – leaving their families, friends, their homes – everything behind.

1. Taking Happiness Seriously!

One answer to all these questions is that we are the first country in the world that takes happiness seriously. From Happiness Minister to happiness officers, to happiness summits and happiness meters, the UAE government has left no stone unturned to create the right conditions for people to be happy.

With a majority of UAE population being ex-pats, we posed a crucial question on how they manage to fulfill their dreams in the UAE? Was the journey worth it? And most importantly, are they happy?

Although many said it is family, health, job satisfaction that bring happiness, they also confessed that it is the money, standard of living and safety the country offers that make them want to stick around here.

2. Breaking Cultural Barriers

Dubai is home to many religions and people from different faiths, living under one roof in peace harmony and tranquility. There have never been instances of arguments, controversial political discussions on creating hate between people of different faiths. This makes Dubai very conducive and safe. Safety laws for women, children, tourists and every aspect of life is very strict, and paid a lot of importance to!

3. Most advanced technology/city planning

One of the most amazing things that you’ll realise when you move to Dubai is that despite its geographic location in the middle of the desert, with extremely limited natural resources, it has managed to catch up with the rest of the world through its use of extreme technology. Dubai is big on solar power and is even building a sustainable city that will harness all its energy from the sun.

Everything in Dubai is done online making it easy and convenient to get things done. For example, while it normally takes hours of waiting in line for simple things like parking passes, car registrations, paying parking tickets, etc, in Dubai all of those things can be done instantly through the internet. Need to hail a taxi? There’s an app for that too! Dubai has eliminated the hassle of these small but annoying everyday tasks.

4. The best of both worlds

Dubai is one of the most luxurious cities in the world, and even if you can’t afford all of the luxuries you can still enjoy certain aspects of them. Dubai offers reasonable restaurants in extremely high-end locations.

There are outdoor shopping centres which house some of the most expensive brands in the world but also carry brands that are accessible to everyone. This balance of luxury and accessibility makes Dubai unique and easy to enjoy for people coming from all walks of life.

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So there you have it! We don’t think we need to convince you any more to move to this magical place.

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