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The UAE Golden Visa’s $272,000 Rule Change Is Deemed A ‘game-changer’ for Investors in Dubai’s Real Estate Market


 The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has indeed eliminated the Dh1 million ($272,294) minimum down payments needed for people to invest in real estate and be eligible for a golden visa. This is a significant legislative change. This calculated action aims to get more citizens and foreign investors to become more deeply involved in the nation. Experts in the field are eagerly observing the move as it is anticipated to affect Dubai’s real estate market significantly.

 Previous Requirements And Changes

A property acquisition of Dh2 million or more was mandatory for investors wishing to participate in the 10-year renewable residence program under the previous regulations set in 2019. Importantly, to qualify for the golden visa, buyers of houses bought with a mortgage or installment plan had to put down a minimum of Dh1 million, or 50% of the property’s worth.

Removal Of The Minimum Deposit Requirement

The current policy modification marks a substantial divergence from the standard. According to Maroun Abou Harb, an associate at the legal firm BSA Ahmad bin Hezeem & Associates, minimal down payment is no longer necessary. Whether the home is completed, off-plan, or mortgaged, investors can surely apply for the golden visa if the property is valued at Dh2 million or more.

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Communication Deficits

Although the change was communicated to BSA Ahmad bin Hezeem & Associates on January 22, a formal circular has yet to be released.

●  The change was brought to their attention when they visited the Dubai Land Department at The Cube, where applications for golden visas are handled, according to Jess Stephenson, Head of Sales Progression at Dubai property firm Allsopp & Allsopp.

●  This demonstrates a communication breakdown between industry stakeholders and regulatory bodies.

Original Eligibility Requirements

The qualifying requirements for real estate investors seeking the golden residence remain the same, even with removing the minimum down payment requirement. The Dubai Land Department has supplied information indicating that the minimum property value requirement is Dh2 million.

A Synopsis Of The Golden Residency Program

Launched in 2019, the Golden Visa program grants 10-year visas to anyone within several categories. The initiative seeks to reward sustained dedication from those who significantly contribute to the nation’s development.

The individuals above comprise investors, entrepreneurs, proficient professionals making over Dh30,000 ($8,167) monthly, remarkable talent, scientists, experts, great students and graduates, real estate investors, trailblazing humanitarians, and frontline heroes.

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Sector Reactions

The new regulation change has generated curiosity and debate in Dubai’s real estate sector. Professionals in the field and real estate investors closely monitor any potential effects on market dynamics. One encouraging move that could draw in more investors seeking permanent citizenship in the United Arab Emirates is removing the minimum down payment barrier.

In Summary

Eliminating the Dh1 million minimum down payment requirements for qualifying for a golden visa significantly changes the UAE real estate market. It will indeed be interesting to see the long-term effects on investor mood, property demand, and Dubai’s economic environment as the real estate market adjusts to this regulatory change.

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