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The Impact Of Transparency: DLD s 24/7 Awareness Service On Real Estate Dubai


The Dubai Land Department ( DLD ) is working to transform the real estate Dubai situation in Dubai by introducing its novel round-the-clock information system- the Awareness Service. This innovative move towards total simplicity is the primary objective of the app, as it allows users to acquire the relevant data regarding property transactions and market regulations quickly and easily, making the process of decision-making in real estate straightforward.

24/7 Awareness Service Welcome Note

The 24/7 Awareness Service is the latest effort the DLD revealed in a recent meeting with the market players. Bearing this in mind, it is indeed a distinctive step that runs in line with the DLD’s vision on making the real estate market more transparent and improving its ethics. The establishment offers a tech-based service that provides relevant data and holistic information on Dubai properties transfers, market dynamics, regulations and everything else that happens.

Rules And Regulations: An All-Inclusive Legal Regulatory System

●  The Rules and Regulations section of the 24/7 Awareness Service is core, because it encompasses the legal foundations of all the real estate sector related rules and regulations in real estate Dubai.

●  This page instructs users to go through a wide range of information, including laws, regulations, license circulars, and guidelines by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce.

●  From AML regulations to Joint Owned Property regulations, this section addresses all legal requirements for the stakeholders’ understanding, which will undoubtedly guide them in carrying out their business properly within the real estate companies in Dubai with confidence.


The Principle Of Integrity And Accountability Has To Be Made A Prominent Part Of The Process

Our international services of AML have taken into account the rising importance of financial crimes’ combating as one of the elements, as the 24/7 Awareness Service involves dedicated resources on AML compliance. With the aim of the DLD being to have an education program that addresses the need of their stakeholders who are being taught the importance of money laundering regulations and the best practices ever in the real estate sector, transparency and accountability will be there by ensuring both the rights of investors in property transactions are secured and legitimacy thereof.

Re-Shield: Educational Gap As A Factor Affecting The Development Of Youth Is Mediating The Knowledge Gap

●  In the Re-shield Part, the Awareness Service will be countering with a new platform which has an interactive approach, where through a simple question and answer format, it will offer relevant answers and address the insider concerns.

●  This session would walk through a wide range of issues touching on landlord settlement, property value, the landlords’ assignment, and real estate investment in Dubai.

●  The Re-shield segment caters to tenants, owners and investors faster through provision of quick information and specific queries responses.

●  It makes visibility and comprehension levels about key areas of the property real estate firms in Dubai to a deeper urge.

Access To Essential Documents: Paralleling The Processing Of The Transaction

Besides involving people in giving advice and best information, this 24/7 service enables people to get important documents that are very essential in real estate transactions. It is an option whether it is lease agreements, brokerage contracts or valuation standards, investors or buyers can simply have all necessary documents they require to do any deal conveniently. This service reduces the complexity and time-consuming procedures by providing convenience to the users through the complete legal knowledge and documents that are necessarily required for the OK Real Estate market.


Inquiry Portal And Online Payment Options: Improving The Availability And Usability

The goal of improving accessibility and convenience is met via the 24/7 Awareness Service, which comprises; an inquiry newsletter for tracking the status of properties, a title deed verification office, renewal of property lease applications, and payment options for fees and deposits are done online. These characteristics simplify the administrative processes, improve the paperwork status, and increase the transactional speed, which imply a higher performance and a convenient customer service.

Transparency And Accountability Are However Leading Pillars Of Our Platform

The Transparency and Accessibility of the 24/7 Awareness Service through reporting market data is right at the core of DLD’s mission to give reliable information on real estate Dubai transactions and market appraisal indexes. The service equally realises this by providing accurate and updated information enabling the consumer to make wise decisions and comfortably navigate the Dubai real estate.

The very fact that the DLD goes ahead to offer this service signifies the authority’s devotedness to help the real estate market’s key players through empowering them with resources and support. In this way, DLD contributes to the Dubai off-plan real estate market’s transparency and accountability.

Wrapping Up!

DLD’s 24/7 Awareness Service was a landmark initiative that helped the stakeholders with all the knowledge and information needed for their journey in the real estate market in Dubai. Delve into crucial aspects of the real estate market in Dubai via the DLD’s Instagram page, through the combination of videos and infographics, with the additional news and information available from the 24/7 Awareness team.

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