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New Residential Project In Business Bay Launched By ROVE And IRTH


Rove Home, a collaboration between the famous hotel brand Rove and real estate platform IRTH, has added a new element to Dubai’s real estate market. This collaboration indeed represents a significant step forward in the city’s pursuit of new residential solutions. The debut building, located on Marasi Drive in the lively Business Bay sector, promises a new approach to modern living.

Rove Home: Redefining Residential Living

●  Rove Home is a break from standard residential offers, seeking to bring innovation and dynamism to Dubai’s housing sector. 

●  The task, which traverses three unique zones, will give an expansive determination of completely outfitted studios, one-room, and two-room lofts.

●  By combining Meander Lodgings’ mastery with IRTH’s land abilities, Wander Home expects to offer a unique private encounter that satisfies the changing needs of Dubai occupants.

Ambitious Expansion Plans: 3,000 Branded Residences In Five Years

This ambitious growth plan reflects the rising demand for new residential products in Dubai. Rove Home aspires to position itself as a significant participant in the city’s real estate market, catering to a varied variety of inhabitants and lifestyles, building on the success of its debut project on Marasi Drive.

Rove Home has an ambitious goal for the future, aiming to launch over 3,000 branded apartments in the next five years.


Amenities & Facilities: Improving The Residents’ Experience

In addition to attractive and modern living spaces, Rove Home prioritises offering residents a variety of amenities and conveniences. These include cafés, convenience shops, co-working spaces, arcades, and sports facilities that aim to enhance the resident experience and build a feeling of community. The building at Marasi Drive will have a floating podium level, a sky garden, and a rooftop with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, boosting residents’ lifestyle options.

Innovation And Differentiation: A Unique Offering

Paul Bridger, Rove Hotels’ Chief Operating Officer, underlines the project’s dedication to innovation and distinction. Rove Home aims to provide something absolutely unique in the domain of modern residential living in Dubai, distinguishing itself from standard housing alternatives. Rove Home hopes to carve out a position in Dubai’s competitive real estate market by concentrating on innovation and meeting people’s changing requirements.

Strategic Partnerships: Fueling Success And Growth

●  Rove and IRTH’s work demonstrates the value of strategic alliances in generating real estate success and growth. IRTH’s Managing Director, Osman Celiker, emphasises the partnership’s shared values and dedication to innovation.

●  By merging their talents and resources, Rove and IRTH want to provide extraordinary residential experiences that appeal to Dubai’s vibrant population.


Meeting Evolving Needs: Adjusting To Changing Demographics

As Dubai’s populace proceeds to create and broaden, there is a rising requirement for private options that entice a different assortment of socioeconomics and ways of life. Wander Home comprehends this pattern and endeavors to fulfill the constantly changing needs of Dubai inhabitants with its inventive private items. Wander Home tries to stay meaningful and successful in Dubai’s land scene by keeping steady over moving business sector elements and socioeconomics.

Wrapping Up!

The launch of a new project in Business Narrows marks the start of an exciting chapter in Dubai’s real estate narrative. This innovative approach to residential living, coupled with ambitious development goals and a commitment to enhancing the resident experience, positions the project to have a significant impact on the city’s real estate market. As the project unfolds and welcomes its first residents, it has the potential to redefine living standards in Dubai and set new benchmarks for excellence in the real estate industry.

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