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Multiple Reasons to Invest in Dubai Property market.

Reasons Why You Should Invest Your Money in Real Estate

While the regular investment options like stocks, bonds, gold, and mutual funds have their benefits, investing in real estate is the simplest and most recommended option. With the Dubai  World Expo 2020 ( Oct 20 – April 21)  around the corner, the Dubai property market is expected to grow exponentially, having a significant impact on property values.

Property prices in Dubai are lower when compared to other major cities in the world. UAE has a liberal policy encouraging foreign individuals and companies to invest and take part in the mutual growth process. There are more than a dozen reasons for an investor to make their investment in prime properties in Dubai and the major economic indicators are as follows.

Dubai – A well Regulated market.

Invest in Dubai – Dubai is a transparent real estate market in the MENA region. The government efforts in improving transparency play catalytic roles in the massive inflow of foreign investment.    RERA – Real Estate Regulatory Agency has implemented several new measures to make the Dubai property market regulated well, and the investors feel secure about it.

Offer excellent rental yields.

Dubai property rental yields are higher than those you get in other cities like London and New York and homeownership is always an enriching experience here.

Dubai – A Stable and mature real estate market.

Dubai property prices have stabilized now after undergoing a correction in the past and making it a  great time for investment.

Offer a Good ROI

Dubai’s property market is maturing steadily as the population growth is on the rise year after year. Smart investors are aware of the growing demographic and would be purchasing property to meet the supply line for rental demands.

 Dubai Properties -No annual property taxes
Investing in Dubai’s property is tax-free. Purchasing a  property will not include taxes, and owners are not be obliged to pay additional taxes in the future.

The growing population index.

 New project launches in Dubai are estimated to increase every year as its population growing fast every year.  Dubai’s population in  2016 was 2.4 million and will reach approx 4 million by 2030, and will have a multiplier effect on primary and rental property demand.

World-class infrastructure.

Dubai has the best infrastructure that one would expect from a world-class business hub.  Free zones that serve as business hubs in areas such as Jebel Ali, industrial city and Media City attract business entrepreneurs across the world.

Superior Mode of Transportation.

Dubai is continuously updating its transportation infrastructure. Besides planned highways, spacious roads, subways, flyovers, metro rail, air-conditioned buses, taxis, and water taxis, the government is planning to introduce  “The US-based Hyperloop”, creating an expedited transportation route between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Besides these significant economic, infrastructural advantages  Dubai is one of the safest city in the world with vigilant cops with technology support. The emirates have a liberal and cosmopolitan outlooks, making it an excellent place for the expatriates to come and work here.  Major world capitals have well flight connectivity with Dubai making it convenient for international traffics. The city is also famous for its luxurious lifestyle living, and its sun-kissed weather a top attraction for people from the US and Europe. And the demand for property, primary and rental never goes down and good enough for the smart investors to Invest in Dubai properties.

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