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How to Access Rental Rates in Dubai For Areas Not Listed On The RERA Index

rental price in dubai

Living in a new township developed is fraught with challenges when it comes to evaluating Rental Rates in Dubai values since there are no such neighborhoods listed on the Dubai real estate Regulatory Authority’s (RERA) rental index as yet. Without this anchor, tenants would have probable doubts to be clarified regarding legal acceptability of rent increase and contract renewal negotiations.

Understanding The Situation

When it happens, tenants are usually unable to find rental rates in Dubai out if their rents will rise, and this becomes a matter of uncertainty. It’s caused by the lack of a consistent framework for establishing rent hikes in registered as well as unregistered areas. Moreover, renters and house-hunters might miss some crucial details and information to come to a fair deal if they don’t have data from the RERA index.

Factors Influencing Rent Increases

●  There are a number of variables which can impact the prices of rent in unregistered territories.

●  The real estate firms in Dubai dynamics such as customer need, Dubai properties features, area attractiveness, and economic status also influence the housing sector.

●  On the other hand, off plan property Dubai owners may consider sources of expenditure and potential returns on investment when devising prices to be adjusted.

Rental Rates in Dubai

Negotiating Rent Increases

There is no predisposal of a standard of a rent increase in the unregulated areas; as negotiations between tenants and owners become important as far as rent increase is concerned. Indeed, all parties are spurred to cooperation in order to arrive at a common understanding, concerning lease renewals. The turnaround of tenants is thus presenting market research and rental prices from neighboring properties to facilitate their bargaining stances.

Legal Issues Should Be Considered As Well As The Maximum Allowable Increments

While a legal framework for rent increase notification by landlords in the unregulated areas may not exist, tenants should be mindful of the other legal provisions that are in place for Dubai apartments for sale. The vacation clause plays a crucial part in the way negotiations or rent reviews are conducted. It provides the tenants with a benchmark that helps them determine whether a proposed rent increase is fair or not.

As per the law of 43 in 2013, no more than 20% of the previous year’s rent should be charged on an annual basis in the Emirate.

The Harmony Of Tenants’ Rights And Landlords’ Interests Lies In The Equitable Distribution Of Actions And Resources

During the process of rent increase there is a point of interest for a tenant to consider both his/her rights and at the same time those of landlords. Housing is changing hands due to the between landlords, who are eager to profit from their investments, and tenants, who are trying to minimize the amount of money they spend on rent. To start with, it needs to achieve ground of commonality which in turn will be reached through producing new deals and new thoughts being exchanged between increasing understanding of each other’s perspectives or constraints.


Seeking Legal Recourse

In the situation where the rentals and landlords cannot come to a common agreement, turning to the courts for redress may be, unavoidably, the best option. Tenants have an option of logging a complaint with respective authorities like Rental Dispute Settlement Committee (RDSC) depending on the gravity of the violation. This is so as to enforce their right as tenants and negotiate the rental agreement. Legal intervention can offer tenants security against unjustified rent’s hike and make the lease terms adjust to the realities of the real estate companies in Dubai on a fair and square basis.

Addressing Tenant Eviction Concerns

●  In addition to rent increments, tenants always have anxiety about eviction, especially if they hear news about landlords who want to prematurely cancel the lease contract.

●  The tenants need to go through the terms and conditions of the lease agreement to make sure that their rights are not infringed upon and in cases of violation; they should not hesitate to seek legal assistance.

●  In case of legal remedies e.g. suing the landlord/regulatory body which breach their rights or hire legal professional, tenants may take all the necessary measures to make their eviction lawful.

Rental Rates in Dubai


Dealing with rental rates in Dubai growth in the unregistered area has to be a tenant’s initiative to receive exposure, understanding the guidance and setting him/her ready to negotiate with landlords. Rights-information empowerment of tenants allows them to acquire legal counseling whenever necessary and to participate freely in lease agreement negotiation with landlords, thus securing their interests and fair treatment in arising of lease matters.

In summary, the connection between residents and landlords should be supported to achieve mutual respect and understanding as well as comfortable coexistence. The neighbors are with each other for a long time and it is good that the landlords and the residents should stay in a good relationship.

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