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Find Out Here If Rents at Branded Residences in Dubai Are up to 100% higher!

residences in dubai

Branded residences in Dubai have become a dominant force in Dubai’s ever-changing real estate market, fetching rentals that may be up to 100% more than those of non-branded homes. Rich purchasers’ growing interest in these luxury complexes and their lavish facilities are the main causes of this demand spike.

Growing Adoption Of Branded Residences in Dubai

As a result of their affiliation with well-known companies, branded residences in Dubai are selling for considerably more money. This is a noteworthy trend. Industry leaders stress that branded and luxury houses are more likely to see significant price hikes than other market categories. They contend that the market is developing, helping high-net-worth individuals move from a temporary to a more permanent residence.

Demand-Driven Residential Brand Launches

In response to this demand, the real estate industry has launched a flurry of branded residences in Dubai. The emirate has benefited from the migration of wealthy elites from across the world thanks to local developers including Binghatti Properties, Danube Properties, RSG Group, and Rove. These developers are the ones behind the emergence of branded housing projects including Fashionz by Danube, Mercedes-Benz Places, Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co., and Bugatti Residences by Binghatti.

branded residences in Dubai

Forecasts Regarding The Rental Market

Experts forecast that until ready off-plan rental apartments significantly join the market, which is anticipated to happen in 2025–2027, the Dubai rental market will continue to perform well for landlords and investors. With its appeal and high-end features, branded homes support Dubai’s rental market’s ongoing success.

●  Premium brand-associated residences, in particular, have a significant chance of seeing price hikes, according to Allsopp.

●  It is projected that in 2024, increasing demand from discriminating consumers and limited supply would raise sales prices.

●  Properties located in the most sought-after residential areas of Dubai will see consistent capital appreciation and appealing rental yield potential as a result of this scenario.

Dubai: A World Center For Exotic Real Estate

According to Knight Frank’s research, Dubai continues to be the world’s leading destination for luxury real estate, especially those costing $10 million or more. Dubai sold 431 luxury residences in the preceding year, surpassing the sales of cities like New York, London, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles.

residences in dubai

Opportunities For Ultra-Luxury Real Estate

The previous year saw record-breaking prices for ultra-luxury properties in Dubai, reaching up to $4,000 per square foot. Whitehead attributes the recent political upheaval in various Middle Eastern countries to the sustained high demand for luxury real estate.


Let us sum up by saying that branded residences in Dubai are driving a revolutionary change in real estate sector. The potential for branded residences and ultra-luxury houses are bright as long as the city continues to draw wealthy people looking for a combination of splendor, stability, and lifestyle.

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