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Explore 7 Countries Where UAE Residents Can Travel Without Prior Entry Permits, Obtain Visa-On-Arrival


Are you eager to go yet afraid of the visa application process? Fortunately, various countries give free admission to UAE nationals, either by dispensing with the prerequisite for a passage licence totally or by providing a visa upon appearance. Allow us to find these unseen fortunes throughout the globe, where you might have a sample of many societies, dazzling landscapes, and remarkable encounters.

1.   Georgia: The Meeting Point Of Asia And Europe

Georgia is a beautiful location with mountains and beaches along the Black Sea—historic towns situated at the meeting point of Europe and Asia. Residents of the UAE are granted admission without a visa, enabling a 90-day stay without requiring entry permission. The capital, Tbilisi, is just a short flight away and gives a reasonable getaway insight.

2.   Uzbekistan: The Jewel Of Central Asia

UAE nationals can enter Uzbekistan, a diamond of Focal Asia, with a visa upon appearance for a most excellent 30-day stay. Investigate the captivating history of Silk Street towns, for example, Samarkand, which is home to mosques and sepulchres. Find Tashkent, the capital and site of the eminent Tashkent Pinnacle and antiquated establishments.


3.   Maldives: A Paradise In The Tropics

Take a beach vacation in the Maldives, a popular tourist destination worldwide. Explorers from all countries might get a 30-day visa upon appearance in the Maldives. An objective that dazzles with its quiet sea shores, sky-blue seas, mosques, fish markets, and vivid coral reefs.

4.   Azerbaijan: A Fusion Of History And Modernity

Upon arrival, UAE nationals can enter Azerbaijan in the Caucasus area with a one-month visa—Discover Baku’s Inner City, a historic walled area. If you want to remain for a while, ask your hotel to help you register with the State Migration Service.

5.   Kenya: Retreats By The Sea And Safaris For Wildlife

Kenya will never again require visas for unfamiliar sightseers in 2023, with an impact from January 2024. The nation of Africa captivates with its flourishing traveller area, which offers refreshing natural life safaris inside and ocean-side excursions along the Indian Sea shoreline.

6.   Indian Ocean Paradise: Seychelles

For most nations, the Seychelles, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, is a visa-free destination. As long as they have appropriate travel documentation and evidence of a return or forward ticket, travelers are granted entrance permits upon arrival. Savour encounters enormous tortoises, beautiful beaches, and coral reefs.

7.   Nepal: Peaceful Himalayan Region

For inhabitants of the United Arab Emirates, Nepal, tucked away in the Himalayas, grants visas upon arrival. Nepal offers stunning Buddhist and Hindu temples, peaceful retreats, mouthwatering street cuisine, and friendly people. It is home to Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world.


Accepting The Simplicity Of Travel

In addition to providing distinctive experiences, these nations make traveling easier for UAE citizens. These sites accommodate many inclinations, be it beach getaways, mountain excursions, or cultural discovery. The lack of burdensome visa requirements makes traveling impulsively and without concern possible.


Think about these visa-friendly locations that embrace Uae residents as you organize your upcoming vacation. Each nation provides a unique travel experience, from Kenya’s natural wonders to Uzbekistan’s ancient Silk Route. Accept the liberty to travel and have priceless experiences without dealing with the inconvenience of drawn-out visa applications.

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