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DHG Properties Introduces Off-Plan Sales For Helvetia Residences

Helvetia Residences

With pride, DHG Properties, a renowned Swiss land designer known for its three-decade custom of greatness, declares the beginning of off-plan deals for Helvetia Residences, its most memorable undertaking in the Unified Bedouin Emirates. This exceptional structure, arranged in Jumeirah Town Circle, is supposed to change metropolitan life in Dubai. With fifteen percent of its units sold in its most memorable activity day, Helvetia Homes will undoubtedly be a vital expansion to Dubai’s flourishing housing market.

Complying With The Vision Of Dubai

This ambitious plan, led by HH Sheikh Mohammed, intends to accommodate the city’s expanding population—expected to approach eight million by 2040—while making housing more accessible. Helvetia Residences will satisfy the interests of investors and end users alike by providing luxurious yet reasonably priced living spaces, all while supporting Dubai’s urban development objectives.

Helvetia Residences, DHG Properties’ first project in the United Arab Emirates, complies with the primary directives of the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan.

Increase In Demand For Off-Plan Real Estate

●  With 68,783 purchases for off-plan real estate reported in 2023 alone, Dubai has seen an unheard-of rise in demand.

●  The UAE real estate industry is expected to grow to a value of $0.71 trillion by 2024, and this category is the primary driver of that growth.

●  Offering 430 units for sale and cutting-edge facilities, Helvetia Residences is well-positioned to take advantage of this momentum with its combination of architectural elegance and utility.

Helvetia Residences

Dedication To Superiority

DHG Properties’ Vice President and Board Member, Miloš Antić, highlights the company’s commitment to influencing Dubai’s urban living landscape. Dedicated indeed to providing residents with an exceptional living experience and world-class quality, DHG is starting its first development in the United Arab Emirates with Helvetia Residences. Off-plan sales have formally begun the first step in DHG’s mission to add to Dubai’s constantly changing cityscape.

Dubai’s European Touch

The Helvetia Residences add Dubai’s residential environment with DHG’s European flair. DHG hopes to increase the size of its portfolio and influence the city’s real estate market by serving the wide variety of nationalities that make up the UAE. DHG is well-positioned to establish new standards for high-quality residential development in Dubai, having completed 300 projects in total throughout the globe and having over 1000 more in the works.

Helvetia Residences

Facilities And Amenities

Admittance to a scope of first-class conveniences and administrations pointed toward working on occupants’ satisfaction will be conceivable at Helvetia Homes. Each element of the complex, including the cutting-edge wellness offices, pools, wonderfully manicured gardens, and sporting facilities, is intended to oblige many requests and inclinations of its occupants. Helvetia Homes furnish an unrivaled residing experience emphasizing health, relaxation, and inclusion in the local area.

In Summary

The beginning of off-plan sales for DHG Properties’ Helvetia Residences marks the start of a new and exceptional era in Dubai’s real estate industry. Helvetia Residences aims to reinvent urban living and enhance Dubai’s sustainable urban development goal by focusing on quality, affordability, and innovation. Residents and investors may anticipate witnessing the unmatched elegance and sophistication embodied by Helvetia as DHG continues to develop the city’s skyline.

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