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After Approval, Can the 14-Day Visa-On-Arrival for Specific Indians in the UAE Be Extended?

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With the implementation of the pre-approved visa-on-arrival program, travelling to Dubai (UAE) has become noticeably more straightforward for Indian passport holders. Explicitly designed for passengers using Emirates Airline, this program expedites the entrance procedure, allowing guests to skip lines and get straight to immigration when they arrive.

This change in the travel scene indicates the UAE’s dedication to improving tourist experiences and facilitating easier trip planning. In this investigation, we explore the nuances of the pre-approved UAE visa, including how to apply, what alternatives there are for extensions, and the many advantages it provides Indian tourists.

Recognizing The UAE Visa Pre-Approved

The Dubai Visa Processing Center of VFS Global is the entity that issues the pre-approved UAE visa. It functions as a 14-day single-entry visa and is only granted to holders of Indian passports who satisfy specific requirements. Significantly, visitors must have a valid US visa or green card or have been an EU or UK resident for at least six months.

Applying For A Pre-Approved Visa

Passengers who meet the requirements may begin the application process as much as sixty days before they plan to arrive in Dubai. It is necessary to submit applications two days before the day of travel. Emirates’ digital platforms have a fully integrated application process, making it easier for travellers to complete. Travellers who have already booked a ticket with Emirates can use the ‘Manage an existing booking’ tool to gain access to the online visa application website for Dubai.

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Document Requirements

Travellers must make sure they have the following papers available to submit a successful application for the pre-approved UAE visa:

●  Verified return or forward ticket

●  Emirates Valid Indian passport with at least six months remaining on it

●  A valid UK or EU resident permit

●  A valid US visa

●  A green card with a minimum six-month validity

Extension Option

Visitors can extend their 14-day visa-on-arrival permission after arriving in Dubai. The General Directorate of Residency and also Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) office in the Dubai Airport Free Zone can help with this extension. Travelers may extend their visa for an extra 14 days, giving them more freedom during their stay in the United Arab Emirates, for a small charge of Dh250.

A service charge of $69 (Dh250) must be paid to VFS Global to obtain the pre-approved UAE visa.

The Dh250 visa extension cost still applies to those who prolong their stay. Even with these costs, the pre-approved visa’s speed and simplicity make it worth it, especially for those looking for a simple entrance procedure into Dubai.

Advantages Of The Pre-Approved Visa

Indian citizens’ travel experience has been much improved with the advent of the pre-approved UAE visa. It expedites the admission procedure and removes the need to stand in line at the bank or Marhaba desk to pay the visa-on-arrival cost and get your receipt. Now, visitors may head straight to immigration as soon as they land, saving them time and guaranteeing a stress-free welcome.


Additional Insights

●  In addition to the instant advantages of the pre-approved UAE visa, this program increases the number of Indian tourists visiting the UAE, which boosts the country’s tourism industry.

●  The simplified admissions procedure promotes return trips and strengthens the general impression of Dubai as a traveller-friendly location.

●  Additionally, the cooperation between VFS Global and Emirates Airlines demonstrates how well public-private partnerships can spur innovation and indeed enhance the quality of services provided to the travel sector.

●  Stakeholders can investigate potential improvements as the program develops to optimize its effects and guarantee a smooth travel experience for every tourist to Dubai.

Wrapping Up!

Pre-approved UAE visa-on-arrival offers visitors from India a once-in-a-lifetime chance to visit Dubai. This project highlights the United Arab Emirates’ dedication to enabling tourists to have a seamless travel experience with its streamlined application procedure, adaptable extension choices, and time-saving advantages. It is likely to become the go-to option for Indian citizens visiting the exciting city of Dubai as more tourists take advantage of this practical alternative.

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