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How To Obtain Dubai Visa Through Property Ownership

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Undoubtedly investing in what seems an endless array of properties in Dubai has never been more seamless. With the constant growth in the property market in Dubai and also being one of the most profitable countries in the world to invest in properties, demand is touching the sky.

DubaiProperty yield the highest rates in properties. From commercial to off-plan orindividual properties there are multitude options available in terms ofproperty. Both the large scale and small can invest in properties in Dubai.Investing in property in Dubai can also be of exponential importance forpotential investors after the recent changes in the visa regulation by theDubai Government.

Thisarticle will primarily focus on how to get a residency visa in Dubai bypurchasing a property. What type of property is required, the validity of thevisa, and subtly the pros of getting a residential visa in Dubai.

The property requirements for Visa in Dubai:

Oneof the benefits of investing in a property in Dubai comes around the subject ofresidency visa in Dubai. The Government of Dubai has made it easier forproperty owners to obtain a visa in Dubai. This amendment in the rule hasaccelerated the rate of foreign investments in Dubai. You may acquire aresidential property to get a residency visa in Dubai.

Hereare a few know-hows of getting a visa through property ownership:

There are 2 types of Visa available for property owners in Dubai:

The 6 Month Multi-Entry Visa: 


The property should price over AED one million.

·Properties with multiple homeowners should price AED1 million per stockholder. 

·The property should be finished and appropriate to measure in at the time ofthe sale

· The visa should be revived every six months.

· It’s thought of to be a visit visa, thusneither the individual cannot add the UAE, nor his dependents.

The 2 years Residency Visa


·The property should be value over AED1 million for one landowner.

·Properties with multiple homeowners should price AED1 million per shareowner. 

·The property should be finished and appropriate to measure in.. 

·No mortgages allowed. 

·Must be renewed every 6 months.

·Is taken into account to be a visit visa, that the individual cannot add theUAE, and neither will his dependants.

· A monthly financial gain of 10,000AED or additional to be paid to the owner’s account.

Prowin Properties  will help you find the perfect property that will allow you to get the visa that fits your requirements. There are a number of documents that you will require to get your Visa in Dubai. The following documents must be included: 

·Title Deed

·Contract of sale and purchase

·Passport copy

·Current visa copy (tourist or visit)

·6 photographs (passport size)

TheEmirates, especially Dubai has been a hotshot for all investors especially forstrong capital appreciation and high yielding rents. Now that you are aware ofall perks start purchasing a property in Dubai. 

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