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UAE Golden Visa – Dubai Drops Minimum Down Payment Required For Property Owners


The Golden Visa program in Dubai has experienced a radical change, doing away with the prior requirement that property owners make a minimum down payment of Dh1 million. Khaleej Times revealed the updated requirements, which need properties worth more than Dh2 million to grant the Golden Visa to a broader range of people. This article explores the ramifications of this policy move and how it creates new opportunities for home buyers, especially those who choose mortgages or payment plans. The action is a calculated attempt by the Dubai government to improve diversity and draw in various contributors to the city’s booming real estate market. 

Updated Requirements For Obtaining A Golden Visa

Removing the minimum down payment barrier is the most significant modification to the Golden Visa program. If a property in Dubai is worth more than Dh2 million, its owners may apply for a 10-year resident visa. This adjustment opens up new opportunities for those unsatisfied with the previous financial criterion.

Mortgages And Payment Plans: An Opening To The Golden Visa

Adding property owners who choose to take out mortgages or payment plans is a noteworthy feature of the updated standards. No matter how much they have paid upfront, owners can apply for the Golden Visa. A more comprehensive range of people can apply for the visa because there is no longer a minimum equity investment, said Jess Stephenson, head of sales progression at Allsopp & Allsopp Group. This action benefits people who depend on mortgages to finance real estate acquisitions.


Application Procedure And Documentation

Property owners must provide specific documentation to apply for the Golden Visa under the revised requirements. These consist of their passport copy, a photo, the property’s title deed, and a letter from the developer or bank mortgage paperwork. Off-plan properties may be assessed on a case-by-case basis, giving applicants flexibility, according to Firosekhan, managing director of Dubai-based Profound Business Service.

Advantages For Visa Holders

Property owners can sponsor their spouses, kids, and parents for ten years, just like any Golden Visa holder. Thanks to its family sponsorship provision, the Golden Visa is even more appealing to individuals looking to live in Dubai permanently.

Effect On Purchasers And Final Users

Many purchasers and end users benefit from eliminating the minimum down payment requirement and focusing on property value instead of initial outlay. Stephenson thinks that practically anybody who bought a property for more than Dh2 million can now access the Golden Visa option. Because of its universality, anyone making mortgage payments can aim to become a resident of Dubai for ten years.

Financial Landscape And Mortgage Trends

Although prices in Dubai’s real estate market have increased significantly recently, 2023 will signal the industry’s pinnacle. The luxury market has almost doubled Real estate prices, particularly in in-demand locations like Downtown and Palm Jumeirah. Despite this, cash purchasers are involved in most deals in Dubai. But more homebuyers are likely to choose mortgages in 2024, given the predicted 100 basis point decline in interest rates. This change in the financial environment may make the Golden Visa even more accessible.


Long-Term Residency Initiatives Of The Government

The UAE’s larger plan includes the Golden Visa to draw in and keep talent and investment. The long-term residency program is self-sponsored and available to many individuals, including front-line heroes, scientists, investors, entrepreneurs, exceptional students and graduates, and humanitarian pioneers. The government’s goal of creating an atmosphere that supports long-term residency for various individuals who contribute to the country’s development is in line with eliminating the minimum down payment requirement.


Eliminating the minimum down payment requirement for the Golden Visa by Dubai represents a significant change in the accessibility of long-term residency for real estate owners. These modifications show a dedication to diversity and an understanding of the variety of contributors to Dubai’s ongoing success as the city develops into a global hub.

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