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MAG Lifestyle Development Goes Global : The Dubai Developer Magazine Makes its International Debut with a Project Located in Switzerland!

MAG Lifestyle Development

With its first overseas project in Switzerland, MAG Lifestyle Development, a well-known real estate developer headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, has made a big splash on the global scene. Keturah’s Stabio Garden Living project is a joint venture with renowned real estate design and development firm A++ Group. With an estimated value of AED 781 million (CHF 185 million), this project demonstrates MAG’s intention to grow outside of the United Arab Emirates.

Overview Of The Stabio Garden Living Project

Keturah’s ambitious project, Stabio Garden Living, aims to reinvent luxury living in Switzerland. As planned, the project will include:

●  14 Buildings: Showing a dedication to developing a sizable neighborhood.

●  180 Units: Providing a variety of living areas to suit different requirements and tastes.

Project Schedule

Regarding finishing the Stabio Garden Living project, MAG Lifestyle Development has set an ambitious deadline. Official comments indicate that the construction is anticipated to be completed by 2026, adding to Switzerland’s changing Dubai real estate market.

Joint Expertise And Strategic Cooperation With A++ Group

The CEO of MAG Lifestyle Development, Talal Moafaq Al Gaddah, expressed excitement about the partnership with A++ Group. The cooperation combines the group’s superior design and development capabilities with MAG’s vast engineering and Dubai real estate knowledge. The CEO is optimistic that this partnership will provide outstanding outcomes and creative ideas to improve citizens’ quality of life and redefine the global real estate industry.

MAG Lifestyle Development

Financial Consequences

With a projected cost of AED 781 million, the Stabio Garden Living project entails a significant financial investment. This capital infusion is a testament to MAG’s faith in the global real estate market and its dedication to completing a project of noteworthy scope and importance.

Mag’s History: An Overview Of Previous Initiatives

Dubai’s Keturah Reserve MAG Lifestyle Development has a distinguished history in the Dubai real estate sector in Dubai. Keturah Reserve in Dubai, one of its earlier initiatives, is evidence of its dedication to producing outstanding living environments. Because of its local market expertise, MAG is positioned as a strong competitor that can repeat its success globally.

  Residences at The Ritz-Carlton

One further achievement for MAG is its affiliation with The Ritz-Carlton Residences. This upscale project is an additional example of MAG’s proficiency in creating premium real estate and enhances its reputation as it enters the global market.

  The CEO’s Goals for Worldwide Growth

MAG Lifestyle Development’s innovative CEO, Talal Moafaq Al Gaddah, stressed the strategic significance of global growth. “We are delighted to introduce the Keturah brand to Switzerland with the introduction of a new initiative in collaboration with A++ Group,” he said. The CEO views this move as a synergistic combination of design expertise, Dubai property experience, and engineering, to develop creative solutions for people worldwide.

  Broadening Perspectives: MAG’s Global Premiere

MAG Lifestyle Development has taken a risk by branching out beyond its comfort zone in the United Arab Emirates to establish itself as a prominent player in international real estate. The unveiling of the Stabio Garden Living by Keturah project in Switzerland indicates MAG’s dedication to growing and positively impacting the global Dubai property market.

MAG Lifestyle Development

  An Architectural Wonder: The Stabio Garden Living Project in Detail

Keturah’s Stabio Garden Living is an architectural masterpiece that redefines luxury living, not just a real estate project. The construction, which has 180 apartments spread over 14 buildings, strives to provide various living spaces to meet each individual’s specific requirements and preferences while fostering a peaceful community.

  Estimated Value

With an estimated value of AED 781 million, or around CHF 185 million, the Stabio Garden Living project is expected to need a substantial financial investment. This substantial investment demonstrates MAG’s faith in the feasibility of the global Dubai property market and its conviction in accomplishing this audacious project.

To Sum Up

This is a paradigm change for Dubai-based developer MAG Lifestyle Development as they enter the Swiss real estate market. As the project moves closer to its completion in 2026, it will be interesting to see how MAG’s distinctive design and dedication to innovation play out internationally. This move signals a possible trend of worldwide development within the thriving Dubai real estate market and creates opportunities for other developers operating in Dubai.

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