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Looking To Buy Property In Dubai? Factors Influencing Real Estate Prices In Dubai

Buy Property In Dubai

The factors affecting the supply side of the property includes the demand to Buy Property In Dubai affected in the following ways. Politics have a direct influence on the real estate market and thus form the basis for the Rules and Regulations.

In relation to the research question this means that since variations can have a direct impact on real estate prices, economic performance is also quite relevant. Moreover, the prospects for companies to invest in the Dubai market and the cost of real estate in the market depend on further market changes, like the impact of COVID-19 on the market of real estate.

●  The strategies that can help the investors to predict the adverse factors are important to understand and consider when investing in the Dubai real estate market.

●  Therefore, when different investors venture into the real estate sector in Dubai, they should ensure that they have adequate information about the market that is within the region so as to enable them to determine the factors that could affect the prices of their properties in future.

Economic Factors To Buy Property In Dubai

●  Interest Rates And Investment

Interest rates are another factor that can greatly influence the market of the building plot. The other factor that affects real estate investments is that low interest rates allow investors to Buy Property In Dubai. On the same note, high interest rates can support the idea that investors cannot raise capital to finance their activities hence reducing the demand for real estate.

The third element that has attracted foreign investment in Dubai’s real estate is the non-existence of taxes – to date they are yet to be implemented in Dubai. Lack of taxes on Dubai properties also imply that those investors retain most of their earnings, which is something that cannot be said for equivalent SMBs. This has acted as a pull factor to real estate especially in Dubai consequently attracting international investors.

Buy Property In Dubai

●  Influence Of Foreign Investment

This March has brought some factors that have changed Dubai’s real estate market, especially the foreign investment. Dubai has been a favorite of investors from other countries due to the absence of taxes and the city has developed a reputation of being a premier business destination of the world. This has led to heightened interest in property for rent in Dubai, especially for investors mostly from Asian origin such as China, India and the United Kingdom.

●  Relationship Between Oil Prices And Real Estate Values

Dan Simon states that oil prices really have the potential to alter the real estate market in Dubai. Besides, for a country that exports a significant number of barrels of oil, changes in the oil prices have an effect on the financial status, which also turns to the real estate market.

In periods of financial crises therefore the real estate gets costly since investors are wary of risks. However, the situation in Dubai’s real estate still looks quite stable during the crisis thanks to the lack of taxes, suitable for conducting business and various investments.

Government Policies And Regulations

In Dubai, the government has come up with some measures and decrees that have the greatest influence on the real estate sector. These policies and regulations serve purposes of FDI policies, pro- green policies, and affordable residential housing agendas.

●  Complicating Of Visa Reforms On Buy Property In Dubai

As will be further explained below the Dubai government has made visa changes that have been quite accomodation for the real estate market. By now it is quite clear that Golden Visa has aided greatly in creating a better market for foreign investment particularly in the real estate. Like any other Schengen countries, the UAE offers different forms of visas including long-term residency visas better known as “Golden Visa”. This policy has allowed operating foreigners in the real estate to buy property in Dubai allowing prices to rise.

However, the growing alternatives to the Golden Visa include the freelance and the green visas in Dubai. Freelance visas enable an individual to work freely in the UAE as a freelancer while Green visas are directed to the absorption of creative minds in the country.

●  Dubai Land Department Initiatives

The Dubai Land Department has not been idle in the enhancement of the real estate market  to Buy Property In Dubai such as  flats for sale in Dubai and rent. One of the mentioned initiatives opted by real estate brokers in Dubai – an independent body, which handles the regulation of the property market in Dubai. This is because RERA puts into practice and checks on those professionals which have enhanced the standards of the properties within markets.

Buy Property In Dubai

Location And Infrastructure

It has been observed that the nature and development of the properties influence the dynamics of the real estate of Dubai greatly. Location is one way through which the value and demand when it comes to Buying Property In Dubai are positively correlated through infrastructure since it affects the quality of life and convenience of occupants.

●  Central Dubai Vs. Outskirt

Land in central Dubai includes landmark locations like Jumeirah Emirates Towers and Palm Jumeirah that are preferred for having proximity to business districts, shopping arcades and recreational facilities. This is due to the increased inflow of people seeking to acquire properties in these parts, which puts pressure on the prices.

●  Transportation And Access

Transportation as well as accessibility is another key index influencing the prices of real estates in Dubai in equal measure. Real estates near airports or main roads are usually attractive within the public since they can be easily accessed.


If you are looking to Buy Property In Dubai then having a good understanding of the market and getting ratios right are critical. These include economic factors such as site/location and the economic climate, market factors such as trends and customer preferences as well as governmental factors such as policies and legislation. In any activity beginning from buying of homes, selling of homes or even investing in this beautiful city of dream, it is essential to understand these influences that will assist one to make good decisions.

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