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Impact Of COVID-19 On Dubai Real Estate


The breakout of coronavirus China on 31st December 2019 has started spreading. It has spread across other parts of the world and increasing the death rate. Most countries have locked down their activities except the necessities to control the spread of coronavirus.
As a result,there is an impact Of COVID-19 Dubai , as a result found a few cases in the past few days. Though Dubai was the first announcing holidays for schools. In order to keep the children safe from COVID-19. Now the Dubai government has taken immediate action to lock down the complete city. To make sure to protect its citizens from spreading the virus further.


Standards of Dubai health care are considered high as they have invested in health sectors in their best economics years. Now Dubai Health Authority has proper equipment in facing coronavirus. And treating its citizens at its best. Dubai has its best doctors from all over the globe. This fact is giving a leading edge in fighting against coronavirus effectively. With many patients getting cured of COVID-19.


Coronavirus has affected all the sectors and a huge downfall in stocks as well. Though Dubai real estate does not look much affected. As Dubai, the real estate market is so fast in adopting the new trends and helping the buyers in all aspects. Dubai Land Development authority has played a huge role in keeping the demand for investing in Dubai property.

Though few developers are giving 100% DLD waiver for a few properties. The investors can now ask for a further discount as all other sectors are looking downfall and make huge gains on that. Yes, though the city is under complete lockdown few developers are allowing for site visits. And meetings at certain time schedules for its investors as well as end-user buyers. Dubai property management is easy compared to many cities around the world. This makes a big advantage of investing in property Dubai.

If you are worrying what will be happen to your investment in dubai and how you can safely invest and get maximum ROI, you can speak to our ceo directly.

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