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Exploration Begins as Skyline Builders, Leading Indian Real Estate Developers, Reveal Debut Dubai Project -Avant Garde Residences

Avant Garde Residences

Skyline Builders, an Indian real estate developer, has introduced their first residential complex, “Avant Garde Residences,” marking a daring move into the thriving Dubai real estate market. Budget-friendly, with studios starting at Dh 625,000, the Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) project showcases the company’s dedication to quality. Arriving in Q4 2026, the project will include a 24-story skyscraper housing 172 well-thought-out apartments. By focusing on high-quality living and offering an investor-friendly payment plan, Skyline Builders hopes to make a name for itself in Dubai’s real estate market by taking advantage of the city’s progressive leadership and attraction to people from all over the world.

 Project Synopsis

Eighteen apartment levels, five podiums, and a ground floor comprise the twenty-four-story Avant Garde Residences. This building will include three retail stores and 172 well-designed residential flats with studio, one, and two bedrooms. Q4 2026 is the projected completion date for the construction.

 Reasonably Priced And Flexible Payment Options

Avant Garde Residences offers studio apartments starting at Dh625,000, making them affordable for many potential buyers. Skyline Builders only asks for 1% of monthly payments, an investor-friendly payment plan throughout the building phase. This strategy aims to provide prospective purchasers more flexibility and accessibility in the investing process.

Avant Garde Residences

 Location Strategy

Located in Dubai’s most desirable area, Jumeirah Village Circle is home to the Avant Garde Residences. The deliberate selection of the site complements Skyline Builders’ long-term goals by acknowledging Dubai’s progressive leadership and its standing as a top global hub for business and tourism.

 Head Office In Dubai

Skyline Builders has opened its Dubai offices in Downtown Dubai to coincide with the project launch. This action demonstrates the company’s commitment to building a significant footprint in the Dubai real estate industry.

●  With more than 300,000 square feet of space, the Avant Garde Residences Tower offers a range of lifestyle facilities.

●  These include a game room, an infinity pool, a fitness club, and a kid’s play area. These elements aim to improve inhabitants’ overall quality of life.

 From A Leadership Perspective

Skyline Builders’ Chairman and Managing Director, KV Abdul Azeez, noted Dubai’s progressive leadership and excellence-driven culture as reasons for the company’s natural affinity for the city. The executive director of Skyline Builders, Sahl Azeez, highlighted the company’s dedication to innovation and quality in the Dubai market and assured residents of a first-rate living environment right in the center of JVC.

 Consumer Engagement And Trust

The head of operations, Praveen Menon, emphasized the sizable population of non-resident Indians (NRIs) in the United Arab Emirates who have previously purchased Keralan homes from Skyline India. With confirmed reservations, several of these clients have demonstrated a strong interest in the Avant Garde Residences project. According to Menon, this proves that clients have faith in Skyline Builders.

Avant Garde Residences

 Worldwide Clientele

Skyline Builders is a highly experienced company that has completed 158 projects in 9 locations and served around 8,000 clients globally. This knowledge is precious in the Dubai real estate market. The company’s extensive worldwide reach and varied portfolio enhance its reputation and establish it as a dependable option for investors looking to get good returns on their real estate investments.

 Integration Of The Community

At Horizon Manufacturers, people group improvement is similarly as essential to us as building private edifices. The Cutting Edge Homes’ consolidation of the way of life elements, such as a wellness place, gaming room, limitlessness pool, and children’s play region, is demonstrative of the organization’s obligation to enlarge the overall government assistance of its tenants. This area-centred procedure fits Dubai’s objective of creating flourishing, connected networks.

 To Sum Up!

The Avant-Garde Residences, Skyline Builders’ foray into the Dubai real estate market, represents a calculated step in the company’s expansion and excellence goals. Affordable prices, flexible payment schedules for investors, and a dedication to creating high-quality homes set Skyline Builders apart in Dubai’s competitive real estate market.

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