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Dubai Projected to Emerge as Premier Global Luxury Real Estate Market in 2024


According to a recent analysis by international real estate firm Savills, Sydney and Dubai are expected to lead the world’s luxury real estate market by 2024. This prediction is based on the yearly Prime Global Cities Index, which monitors shifts in the prices of premium residential real estate in thirty significant international cities. Let us examine the report’s main conclusions and see what is causing Sydney’s and Dubai’s premium residential markets to expand as expected.

The Outstanding Real Estate Performance Of Dubai

●  Dubai had the best performance in the world real estate market in 2023 , with a 17.4% appreciation rate.

●  As things pick up to a more regular pace, the emirate’s growth rate should slow down, but it should still maintain its rank as one of the top two primary residential markets.

●  Dubai’s standing as a worldwide metropolis with top-notch infrastructure, stability, safety, and a wide variety of real estate options are some of the factors influencing its ongoing success.

●  These qualities, according to Andrew Cummings, Head of Residential Agency at Savills Middle East, are important for keeping foreign buyers interested.

Above-Average Gains For Sydney

Sydney’s top residential property values should rise above average in 2024. The city is seeing strong real estate performance due to historically low inventory levels and steady demand from high-net-worth people. Savills believes that the incapacity of premium listings to satisfy demand will lead to additional pressure on prices. Sydney is predicted to have value gains of around 10% this year, despite the approaching elections, which would direct policy focus toward increasing the supply of housing.

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Global Residential Property Value Trends

Although it will be slower than the average gain of 2.2% from the previous year, the Prime Global Cities Index predicts a moderate increase in residential values overall for 2024. In 2024, it is anticipated that the markets in South Africa and India will follow this pattern.

●  The majority of cities should witness improvements between zero and 3.9%, while seven places could see modest losses.

●  The majority of cities should witness improvements between zero and 3.9%, while seven places could see modest losses. Dubai, Mumbai, and Cape Town are the only cities that have growth rates of more than 3% in the preceding year.

Major American Housing Centers Face The Following Challenges

The pressure on major American housing hubs is likely to increase due to declining consumer confidence, growing interest rates, and continuous economic uncertainty. Property values in San Francisco have continued to decline as a result of economic hardships and layoffs at tech companies.

Property values may drop in cities indeed like San Francisco, New York, and also Los Angeles; in fact, San Francisco has already seen a sharp reduction of -6.1%.

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Issues In The Asian Markets

Political turmoil and zero-COVID regulations pose hurdles for Asian markets, especially for Hong Kong. Property values fell 3.7% in Hong Kong, and if the current problems continue, they might fall as much as 10% further. Neighboring cities like Guangzhou and Shenzhen would see comparable patterns. Certain Asian markets may see a further decline in property values due to a risk-averse investment atmosphere.

Long-Term Prospects And Final Thoughts

Although there may be short-term volatility due to geopolitical shifts, Savills thinks that continued urbanization, wealth creation, and changing consumer tastes will sustain long-term property growth in both existing and rising global centers. Although a number of factors might influence the estimates, total prices are anticipated to trend slightly higher in 2024, with Sydney and Dubai leading the growth indeed in the luxury real estate market. For more such news update visit our website.

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