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Dubai Mall To Grow With Real Estate Developer in Dubai – Emaar’s Aed 1.5 Billion Expansion Plan

Real Estate Developer in Dubai

Emaar Properties has provided some amazing details about its massive expansion plan for Dubai Mall. AED 1.5 billion will be used for the mall’s upgrades and expansion. This huge project will include several restaurants and bars along with 240 brand-new luxury stores. Imagine having access to even more upscale labels and mouth watering restaurant selections as suggested by Emaar- the leading Real Estate Developer in Dubai.

The manner in which the extension project has started demonstrates Dubai’s dedication to maintaining its overall significance and rapid rate of development. This construction not only promises an even more luxurious dining and shopping experience, but it also shows Dubai’s resolve to become one of the world’s most popular tourism destinations. This significant rumour is expected to increase Dubai Shopping Center’s popularity even more, drawing in more customers and tourists.

Emaar Properties’ Vision

Mohamed Alabbar, the founder of Emaar Properties, expressed that the addition is a great improvement of one of the most visited tourist attraction areas in the world. In a statement, Alabbar said: this is owed to Dubai’s vision to maintain its remarkable level of innovation and cultural diversity, which will be a plus factor for tourism for people from all walks of life in the world to embrace. By embarking on this effort, Dubai is making sure that it keeps up its top spot as a cool destination and a leader in growth and culture. So buy property in Dubai.

The AED 1.5 billion extension of Dubai Mall is akin to giving the shopping destination a significant makeover to improve both shopping and entertainment. Workers are currently hard at work building new shopping areas. More than 240 upscale stores and restaurants with delicious food and beverages are planned. This will make the mall even better and bigger for everyone who enjoys shopping there and hanging out in Dubai to know more about Dubai properties. Thus, get ready for more pranks and stimulating events at Dubai Shopping Center.

The extension has the potential of further expanding the density of shop area in Dubai Mall and attracting more of the premium organizations and fine dining restaurant chains providing the opportunity for property for rent in Dubai.

Real Estate Developer in Dubai

This will not only help the facet of the store when it comes to the outlook of the customer side but it will also enable the mall to be marketed as a place for good eating and quality purchasing.

Presently, Dubai Mall is the second largest shopping mall of the world’s largest shopping malls. In Dubai, one can engage with real estate brokers in Dubai with a view to getting some insight about it. It comprises over 1200 stores. It has an area of 2 million square meters. Due to the presence of a vast number of shops, restaurants, and leisure points, it is considered one of the most popular places among the population and tourists.

It was forecasted that 2023 yielded 105 million visits to Dubai Mall which made it the most visited place in the whole world, as it had a notable increase of 19% from the previous year. The completion of this achievement has demonstrated a mall on a global level and its impact on the tourism sector in Dubai.

A huge amount of credits go to Mohamed Alabbar, the leader of Emaar, utilizing his expertise to propel this company forward. His creativity and hard-working nature can today be evidenced in the rather numerous and successful net zero projects such as the successful design of architectural masterpieces and large scale retail facility spaces.

In addition to the Dubai Mall expansion, Emaar has plans for another innovative project in Dubai Creek Harbor, a drive-through mall. This development will feature a unique tower, dubbed the “female Burj Khalifa,” further enhancing Dubai’s skyline with another architectural marvel.

Greater part of the tourism industry can be associated with Dubai Mall by leading  Real Estate Developer in Dubai. With the increase of visitors flowing in the area, the expansion is expected to bring even more customers to shop and benefit the local economy and further cement Dubai as one of the biggest shopping and entertainment destinations in the world.

Besides the extension of the Dubai Mall, Emaar has other projects in another division of Dubai, namely, the Creek Harbour, a drive-through mall. This development is set to have a special tower, Burj Khalifa to add another icon of architectural beauty to the skyline of Dubai.

It is therefore important to understand the role that Dubai Mall has to play in the economic mix architectured by the leading Real Estate Developer in Dubai. It is expected that the further expansion of leisure facilities will draw even more visitors and contribute to the development of the domestic economy and overall reputation of Dubai as an important shopping and leisure destination.

Future Prospects Of Real Estate Developer in Dubai

The proposed expansion is therefore expected to provide some of the following benefits: increasing the number of people visiting the center, increasing the amount of business for store owners, and generally, improving visitor experience. In the long term the general goal of Dubai Mall is to remain a world class shopping destination with plans to innovate and grow further.

The new expansion will introduce several unique aspects and technological integrations, further enhancing the mall’s appeal. From state-of-the-art store designs to advanced customer service technologies, the expansion promises to offer a futuristic shopping experience.

Dubai Mall’s expansion also aims to reflect Dubai’s rich culture and heritage. 

Incorporation of local art and designs of the place will be another added advantage as most individuals who visit a mall are culture lovers desiring to see Dubai’s traditional give and take with the modern world.

Real Estate Developer in Dubai

This will cause major economic concern, such as, employment, economic impact to small businesses around the area. This is because the prospect of new stores and restaurant openings will provide many people employment opportunities, not to mention the increased economic activity that new business will create in the area.

Improvement on the disruptions for the visitors is the key driver of the expansion. Additional facilities like increased floor space for the shopping mall, new entertainment zones, better accessibility, and a diverse mix of food courts and shops will make sure that customers have a spectacular experience at Dubai Mall.


The 1.5 billion AED Dubai Mall expansion is a big deal! Dubai seems to be saying, “Hey, look at what we’re doing.” to the entire world. It would be like creating an entire new city inside the mall with 240 exclusive shops and delectable restaurants. This development is linked to making Dubai a more enjoyable place to be, not only about expanding the shopping mall. You may wonder who is leading this effort. Emaar the top notch Real Estate Developer in Dubai is bringing about incredible changes. With this development, Dubai is showing the globe that it’s about more than simply shopping and entertainment; it’s about pushing boundaries and realizing goals. Thus, get ready for an absolutely incredible Dubai Shopping Center insight.

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