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Discover Why UAE Homeowners Are Encouraged to Choose A 1-year Fixed Mortgage Option!


If you are a landowner in the Unified Middle Easterner Emirates and are prepared to begin making contract instalments, you should consider utilizing the “one-year” plan. Homeowners can indeed lower their monthly mortgage payments by investigating this strategy, which offers stability and financial comfort. Refinancing the loan with a set one-year term is the plan here, and banks in the UAE are increasingly providing competitive rates for such refinancing requests.

Interest Rate Hikes And Variable Rates’ Effects

Those who own real estate with variable rates and aggressively pursue a one-year refinancing option stand to gain the most. This is especially important considering that the US Federal Reserve has raised interest rates eleven times since March 2022, which has affected loans in the United Arab Emirates. The people who have variable-rate mortgages are the ones who will be most affected by these increases.

●  Take a property owner with a Dh1 million mortgage payment requirement, for example.

●  In 2023 alone, the total impact of the rate increase amounts to an extra monthly payment of Dh2,000 to Dh2,500.

●  The more the exposure to mortgages, the greater the financial strain.

●  The income of the property owners, whether from wage increases or rental revenue, may not have increased at the same rate as the mortgage payments.

Importance Of The “One-Year” Refinancing Choice

Choosing a one-year fixed mortgage is a calculated risk management tactic to offset the effects of rising interest rates and variable rates. In an economic instability, the set one-year term offers homeowners a steady and predictable monthly payment, fostering financial security. This option is tempting because it might lessen the monthly financial burden of variable interest rates.


Offers Competitive Terms From UAE Banks

The readiness of UAE banks to offer competitive terms for refinancing requests is a positive component of the “one-year” mortgage plan. Financial organizations want to make mortgage payments easier for property owners because they recognize the difficulties they confront in the wake of interest rate increases.

Financial Solace For Landlords

The one-year fixed mortgage is especially advantageous for homeowners struggling to make larger monthly payments due to rising interest rates. Homeowners can obtain a more manageable monthly payment and financial flexibility by refinancing with a fixed term.

Evaluating The Effect On Monthly Spending Plans

Property owners can more precisely determine the impact on their monthly budgets by implementing the one-year fixed mortgage method. People may better manage their finances by matching their income and spending with a fixed monthly payment, eliminating the uncertainty of fluctuating rates.

Managing Issues With Income Mismatch

The one-year fixed mortgage offers a proactive answer to property owners whose income has not kept up with the increasing EMIs, whether from wage increases or rental revenue. Individuals may guarantee their mortgage responsibilities stay affordable and close the income mismatch gap by stabilising their monthly payments.


A Look Into Refinancing Factors

Real estate owners should carefully analyze the conditions provided by various banks before committing to the one-year fixed mortgage approach. Making an informed choice requires comparing interest rates, costs, and payback terms. Consulting with financial consultants can also yield insightful information about the long-term effects of refinancing.

Possibility Of Extended Stability

Reduced monthly payments are the immediate benefit of a one-year fixed mortgage, but there is also a chance for long-term stability. Property owners may handle economic uncertainty with more confidence since their mortgage payments will not change over a fixed period.


The “one-year” mortgage approach shows promise as a valuable tool for UAE homeowners dealing with rising interest rates and variable rates. The backing of banks in the United Arab Emirates, which provide favorable conditions, highlights the feasibility and appeal of this approach. In the changing economic situation, the “one-year” strategy is a pragmatic and powerful way for homeowners to manage the intricacies of mortgage payments.

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