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Find Out The DMCC’s Latest Development: The Launch of a New Phase of Uptown Dubai with Two Towers Currently Under Construction


Reiterating its commitment to growing and improving its real estate offerings, Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)as its latest development has started the second phase of its Uptown Dubai development. This significant achievement comes after Swissboring Overseas Piling Corporation was recently chosen to handle the foundation and enabling work. Uptown Dubai is an area located in the southern part of the city, and the building of two mid-rise skyscrapers inside it is the ongoing phase. These 23- and 17-story skyscrapers will include retail, food, beverage, and Grade A commercial office space.

Gross Floor Area Total

●  When everything is said and done, Uptown Dubai is expected to contain 538,000 square meters (5.8 million square feet) of indeed gross floor area (GFA).

●  Twenty-three thousand square meters, or 2.5 million square feet, will be devoted to commercial office space.

●  With the thoughtful addition of these two skyscrapers, the already-existing Uptown Tower, and residential buildings such as Ellington Properties’ Mercer House, the district’s projected tower count now exceeds fifty.


District Synopsis

The nine buildings of Uptown Dubai will enclose The Plaza, the district’s core hub. It is intended for this area to accommodate a wide range of events, including fashion, music, film performances, and immersive art pieces. The district’s architecture shows a dedication to developing a lively, captivating environment that transcends conventional business spaces.

The Vision Of Ahmed Bin Sulayem

●  Ahmed Bin Sulayem, the DMCC’s Executive Chairman and CEO, stressed the organization’s commitment to bringing His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s incredible vision to life.

●  DMCC has been actively trying to develop a world-class commercial area in Dubai for more than 20 years.

●  Bin Sulayem emphasized that the pre-leasing of Uptown Tower’s Grade A offices was successful and that Phase 2’s groundbreaking goal is to add two more commercial buildings to emulate this success.

The Part Of Swissboring

The second phase’s enabling and foundation activities have been assigned to Swissboring Overseas Piling Corporation. The work they will perform encompasses dewatering, excavation of the whole Phase 2 site, tower foundations, podium levels, future bridges, and basement retention units. This partnership demonstrates the dedication to ensuring the new towers have a strong base.


Past Accomplishments

The second phase of Uptown Dubai began after Uptown Tower opened successfully in 2023. Names like Invisalign, Wellbred, Hikvision, and the Gemological Institute of America are among the 31 prestigious companies that call this 81-story skyscraper home. As a component of the urban luxury hotel SO/Uptown Dubai, the tower also comprises hotel rooms and branded condominiums.

In Conclusion

The second phase of Uptown Dubai, which DMCC in its latest developmentis developing, demonstrates a deliberate and planned approach to urban development. The cooperation with Swissboring and the offices’ successful pre-leasing in Uptown Tower highlight Uptown Dubai’s expansion’s promising trajectory. The area’s central Plaza serves as a hub for various events, contributing to the realization of Dubai’s ambition of a world-class corporate center.



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