Doni Mehta

Sales Director
Broker Number
: BRN 55686
: 4 Years
: Sales
Languages Speak
: English , Hindi

Doni Mehta, a seasoned professional in the real estate industry, brings a wealth of experience to the table for Prowin Properties. Born and raised in the United States, Doni has spent an impressive 19 years working across diverse sectors, including insurance, retail, hospitality, and real estate. His journey has seen him affiliated with renowned brands such as Tesco, WNS, Aviva, and Prowin, spanning the regions of the UK, India, Ireland, and UAE.

Beyond his successful career, Doni boasts a multifaceted personality. Not only is he a proficient real estate expert, but he’s also a former professional footballer, showcasing his dedication and discipline. Moreover, his artistic side shines through as he masterfully plays the flute. Doni is not just about business; he’s passionate about forming meaningful connections and expanding his circle of friends. With a background as diverse as his, Doni Mehta is a true asset in the world of real estate.

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